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Way to Early Game Prediction: NU @ Miami

With the 2015 season only a couple weeks away it is time for us to go though game by game and see how those games will turn out. Every Thursday we will be looking at a game and giving our thoughts. As always we would love to see how you guys see the games going.

Game 3: Nebraska @ Miami

Where: Sunlife Stadium

Date: September 19, 2015

Miami Players to Watch;

Brad Kaaya (QB)– The first time he stepped up in the pocket last year and let the ball go I was a little concerned. Here was a True Freshman playing his first road game in Lincoln, at night and there was no hesitation early on. As the game went on, Nebraska slowly started to rattle him and forced him into bad passes. I don’t expect that to happen again. He played an entire season as a starter and played well. Look for him to take chances and for his passing game to open up the running game for Miami. He will force a couple passes, but will get over them quickly.

Stat line; 24-31 295 Yards 2 TD 1 INT

Chad Thomas (DE)– He is only a Sophomore, and only played sparingly throughout the 2014 season, but this kid is huge. He stands at 6’5” 265 and has speed coming around the outside. He is someone that Nebraska needs to be well aware of on the field, and if he is across from Alex Lewis he might win the one-one battles more than Lewis does.

Stat Line: 8 Total Tackles, 2 sacks and 3 hit on QB

Nebraska Players to Watch;

De’Mornay Pierson-El (WR/KR/PR)– He is going to be more crucial on special teams in this game, more than on offense. In order for Nebraska to win this game, in that Florida heat, is to win the field position battle. If Nebraska can get 2 Punt returns into Miami territory, or a couple kick offs up to there own 40 and create a shorter field to work with, which would be huge. If Miami does what most teams should and will do and kick it away from him, then when he gets a chance in the open field he needs to capitalize.

Stat Line: 4 Receptions 65 yards/ 3 Rushes 35 yards/ 105 Total Return yards 1 TD

Alex Lewis (LT)– I go back and forth with Lewis throughout the games more than any other player. For every great block he makes, I feel like a dumb holding penalty is right around the corner. He needs to be able to keep is man out of the Backfield and give the Huskers a chance to get runs going and keep Tommy upright. If they can do this expect some big plays for the Huskers.

Game Prediction

Be honest with yourself. Was there a more exciting game than Miami at Nebraska last year on the schedule? No way in Hell! The day lead up to the game, the game itself and the final result was the best Saturday last season. As Nebraska heads down to their stadium will it feel the same. After all those Bowl Games in Miami, against Miami I think the anticipation will be the same. Miami lost 7 players last season to the NFL Draft. They must reload at the skill positions and on the Offensive Line. With only 4 returning starters on Offense and 5 on the defensive side of the ball, Nebraska should have the edge in experience. Both schools must replace workhorses at the Running Back position, and a big time receiver. The biggest battle will be at the O-line for both teams. Will the lines hold the pocket long enough to give the QB’s time to find receivers down field. The best news for Nebraska is that they play BYU week one, Miami goes into the game only facing Bethune-Cookman (never heard of them) and FAU. If the game is in the afternoon though in Miami, look for a very tired, hot Nebraska team going into the fourth quarter. I believe though that Nebraska will come be able to win this game, but it will come down to the O-Line giving Tommy time and the D-line getting into Kaaya’a face like last season.

Final Score

Nebraska 31- Miami 26

Next Thursday we look at the Southern Mississippi matchup.

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