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NU VS. BYU Game Prediction

Game 1: BYU @ NU

Time: 2:30 ABC/ESPN Family of Networks

Points: NU -6.5


It is finally here. Blackshirts have been given out; the game plan has been installed. The only thing left to do is take the field and play some football.

I always feel excited leading into the season opener, but there is something different about this season than any over the last few years.

Nebraska goes into the 2015 season entering a new era in their proud program. A new coach that is polar opposite of the previous leader. Nebraska is also playing a pretty solid team in BYU.

That is what I am most excited about seeing, a formable opponent in week 1. So many questions will be answered in week one about the season, but one question that needs to be answered Saturday; how much will the suspensions hurt both NU and BYU?

Keys to the Game:

Find an Identity for 60 minutes: The one thing that frustrated me watching the last few seasons is that the offense seemed to try everything under the sun throughout games even if they didn’t work. They would run a series of successful plays, and then would come out the next series and look like they had a completely new game plan.

With a veteran staff this shouldn’t be the case. If the running game is working, run the ball and use the play action. If the short passing game is working, stick with it to open up running plays or the deep ball. Stick to what works for 60 minutes.

Keep the QB in the Pocket: With a new Defensive system, going up against 2 receivers that they call the Twin Towers the defense needs to keep Hill in the pocket. If Nebraska can take away his feet and force bad throws the defense should have a huge day.
If Hill gets outside the tackles and has the time to throw it up to the Towers, NU may have a tough time slowing down their offense.


Even with Nebraska Suspensions, BYU will be missing more pieces to their team. The game will come down to limiting Hills play making ability and Armstrong limiting mistakes and taking advantage of opportunities, 2 things he really hasn’t shown he can do against better teams.

I do believe Nebraska gets a huge win, and the Riley Era gets off to a great start.

Nebraska Wins 31-20

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