Trending #Huskers Stories for Saturday, April 18th 2015

Today’s Top Trending Stories in Husker Nation include Remembering Brook Berringer, Tim Tebow Sightings in Nebraska, Baseball Wins Again, and more.

Remembering Brook Berringer

One of the top trending stories today in Husker Nation is a World-Herald article remembering Brook Berringer. I was attending the University when Brook played and I can remember how beloved he was.

He was an exceptionally talented quarterback that just happened to play behind one of the most electric quarterbacks in Husker history. He got his chance one fateful season when Tommy Frasier got hurt and boy did he seize the moment. By the time Tommy was ready to return from injury, a quarterback controversy was born.

If you ever get a chance to watch the Brook Berringer documentary on BTN… you have to see it.

Tim Tebow Sightings


Husker Baseball

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Trending #Huskers Stories for Friday, April 17th

Trending #Huskers stories today include Husker Coaches in 11 States, Baseball Wins Again, and Terran Petteway

Husker Coaches in 11 States

The top trending story in Husker Football is Mike Riley pointing out that his assistant coaches were out recruiting in 11 states in one day, “painting the nation red”.

If we are going to come back to national prominence, recruiting will be key. Nebraska has always had a knack for recruiting players from all over the country.

I’ve had a hunch that we tend to attract kids that are serious about developing their football skills in a place with few distractions. Sure, there are much sexier places to play football like Miami, Southern California, Austin, etc; but I’d like to think that the ones that choose Lincoln are serious about football.

Trending in Husker Baseball

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