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B1G Tournament Prediction

With the B1G Tournament beginning today it is crazy to look back at how Nebraska got to the 8 seed. Going into B1G play I believed that Nebraska had the pitching staff and the offensive production to make a run at a top 3 seed, such a homer thought.

They fell off the map. The pitching turned into roller coaster ride throughout the weekend series. Giving up costly hits and runs at times when the team was finding their way back into the game.

The offense was similar to watching a 5-year-old tee ball team going up against a 10 and up fast pitch team. All the bats went cold and could never recapture what they had before the B1G season started. Can we get those bats going again? Can we take advantage of runners in scoring position?

Maybe its wishful thinking, but Game 1 is on a Wednesday. Nebraska has played exceptionally well through the weekday games. The offense has clicked and the pitching has been solid.

Only thing standing in our way is the hottest team in the conference and the nation, Illinois. As a Husker fan its hurts to say that I am nervous going into a game against Illinois, but at the same time I am completely optimistic.

I believe that the Huskers will pull off the upset and work their way into the second round and working their way to a third seed in a regional.

Nebraska wins 4-2

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